About Sports Tots

11 Kids Sports Programs with 275 specifically developed age-appropriate exercises. Our childrens sports programs are outcome driven and tailored to meet our National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The Sports Tots Experience

Sports Tots is designed by industry specialists. We assembled a team of Early Childhood Teachers, Paediatric Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dance Professionals and Fitness experts to create innovative active movement programs that can be integrated into the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We believe a healthy lifestyle should start from a young age. That’s why we offer a variety of specifically designed programs that teach children the fundamental principles of fitness in an environment that’s fun and nurturing.

Early Childhood Sports is fun

Sports Tots Dance, Multisport and Gross Motor Fitness programs are for boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years. Sports Tots ensures all our coaches are highly qualified so to maximize the level of engagement and fun in each class.

We look towards the future and work to prepare our children to live richer, happier, active lives.

Our programs align with the current EYLF & EYFS, applying the principles and practices to deliver a program that focuses on the development of whole child while nurturing and supporting their social and emotional development. Our coaches work in partnership with the service educators, families and children to create an inclusive program.

Sports Tots Benefits

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. The Sports Tots Program benefits are to:

• Help develop positive habits to maintain a healthy weight.
• Build strong bones and muscles.
• Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
• Promote social skills through interactions with people.
• Support brain development.
• Encourage self-confidence and independence.
• We create inclusive and supportive learning environments for children of all abilities.

We help improve

✓ Hand eye coordination
✓ Catching, Throwing
✓ Movement and agility
✓ Jumping, Balance, Kicking, Hitting
✓ Gross motor planning
✓ Language
✓ Cognitive development
✓ Gross motor planning

We encourage

✓ Cooperating with others
✓ Persistence
✓ Self Confidence
✓ Healthy Eating Practices
✓ Praising others
✓ Being Positive

We work towards

✓ Improving listening
✓ Concentration
✓ Becoming involved learners
✓ Good communicators
✓ Helping understand their autonomy

Sports Tots Connect

Sports Tots Connect is a program especially designed to promote inclusion and multiculturalism and teach children to become aware and responsible adults. Through Sports Tots Connect, we create a space for disability sports and ethnicity inclusion.

My child has taken physical and mental leaps and bounds with the Sports Tots program. Thank you to all the wonderful coaches.

Amy Walker

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