Sports Tots Dance

Sports Tots Dance teaches children the basic fundamentals of four styles of dance: ballet, jazz, hip hop and rhythmic. Through dance, kids have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefit of moving, as well as basic literacy and numeracy. 

Why Dance?

Sports Tots Dance program gives children the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of dancing. We offer four styles of dance including: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rhythmic. These styles all stem from the same basic dance foundational structures and will benefit your child now and later in life in many different physical and emotional ways which are important for well-balanced development.

Basic literacy and numeracy are introduced through dance, e.g. counting out beats, moving fast and slow. Dance can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity and helps children with planning, self-regulation (alertness), reflection and other aspects of higher order thinking. Dance instructors use a range of symbolic and non-verbal codes to engage children in visual, kinaesthetic and musical literacy.

These skills are the basic skills needed for coding and decoding information for future reading and spelling. Each dance style is given a two week focus in our classes, which run over 10 weeks.


Our Dance Lessons

Jazz: A high energy lesson with funky beats and lots of movement! The Sports Tots Jazz dance lesson is designed to keep little feet moving in time with the music building musicality and rhythm. Focusing on team work, children begin with correctly warming the muscles while identifying each body part and how it helps us to dance! Focusing on school  readiness, children also learn right and left while developing language and numeracy and skills.

Ballet: Classical ballet  provides the foundation for all other dance forms. Simple exercises are repeated each week and students retain an element of the self-expressive freedom through creative exercises. With a balance beam for added fun and imaginative glitter, children are engaged and focused throughout the lessons.

Hip hop: Creative movement in the Sports Tots Hip Hop lesson stimulate children’s imagination and develop balance, fitness, spatial awareness, socialisation, and self confidence just to name a few! 

Rhythmic: The style of Rhythmic is a skill based lesson to accompany dance and promotes strength, control, coordination and focus. Using lots of props, children balance on the beams, perform short routines with ribbons and work as a team with our parachute in recognising colours and numbers. Finishing each lesson, children will increase flexibility with basic stretches and Rhythmic position holds.

Sports Tots Benefits

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. The Sports Tots Program benefits are to:

• Help develop positive habits to maintain a healthy weight.
• Build strong bones and muscles.
• Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
• Promote social skills through interactions with people.
• Support brain development.
• Encourage self-confidence and independence.
• We create inclusive and supportive learning environments for children of all abilities.

Sports Tots collaborate with children document their achievements and share their success’ with their families. They challenge children, encourage perseverance and build upon children’s ideas.

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