Sports Tots AFL / Rugby

Sports Tots Kids will not stop moving during our high tempo childrens  AFL/RUGBY program. The Sports Team have created a highly engaging, fun and dynamic syllabus. We have combined the best of two sporting codes, with this mix we can expand on several learning areas and increase our progressive stages. 

Why AFL and Rugby?

The early learning principles of AFL/Rugby lessons will support many locomotor functions such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping, rolling, leaping and dodging. Children will begin to understand reflexes and work towards improving manipulative skills by engaging in kicking, striking and passing of the ball.

Childrens AFL/Rugby Benefits

The early learning principles of AFL will give children a chance to develop an understanding of how to kick and pass a ball. The AFL ball is not round and its bounce will help Sports Tots Kids increase their reflexes and coordination. Children will apply fine motor skills to dribble with their hands, while also learning how to bounce and catch an oval ball.

Our coaches have been supporting the development of children by nurturing their emerging skills and boosting their strengths through our multi-sport program.

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