Sports Tots Tennis

Sports Tots Kids will experience an exciting and diverse range of activities promoting the fundamental skills of Tennis. Our syllabus involves several sensory designed exercises and with an emphasis on cognitive and motor development children are engaged and active during the entire tennis lesson. 

Why Tennis?

During their tennis lesson, children will gain general body coordination, gross motor control, eye-hand coordination, ball-striking skills, and additional fine motor and agility. Kids will improve dynamic balance through several starts, stops, changes of direction and hitting on the run. The educational component will help children develop numeracy and language skills, number/colour recognition, spatial awareness, and rote memory.

Sports Tots Benefits

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. The Sports Tots Program benefits are to:

• Help develop positive habits to maintain a healthy weight.
• Build strong bones and muscles.
• Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
• Promote social skills through interactions with people.
• Support brain development.
• Encourage self-confidence and independence.
• We create inclusive and supportive learning environments for children of all abilities.

Sport Tots promote a sense of community within the early childhood setting by building connections. They are inclusive and ensure children have the skills to participate and contribute to group play. Our coaches take extra care in placing the children in achievable and challenging situations where they can develop their skills further.

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