Sports Tots Space-Ball

Sports Tots Kids will love the fast-paced action of our childrens Space-Ball lessons. Space Ball can also constitute a form of interval training, with players running for brief periods of time. According to “High Intensity Interval Training,” running intervals can offer a temporary boost to the metabolism while improving muscle strength and coordination.

Why Space Ball?

Space Ball will improve agility as children adjust their bodies at a rapid pace. It can also help kids improve their balance.

Both Space Ball runners and ball throwers have to have good hand-eye coordination. To successfully land balls on Velcro vests. Other players, throwers need to coordinate their throws not only with the other players’ current location, but also with their anticipated location when the ball lands.

Sports Tots Benefits

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. The Sports Tots Program benefits are to:

• Help develop positive habits to maintain a healthy weight.
• Build strong bones and muscles.
• Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
• Promote social skills through interactions with people.
• Support brain development.
• Encourage self-confidence and independence.
• We create inclusive and supportive learning environments for children of all abilities.

The instructors constantly showed enthusiasm and patience, giving all of the children some one on one attention and helping them when needed.

Adriana, Director (Caring 4 Kids)

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