Sports Tots Soccer

Sports Tots Kids will learn the basic fundamental skills of Soccer through a highly stimulating and active program syllabus. During our progressive and fast-paced program, kids will learn to control, dribble, pass and strike the ball while being challenged with a range of agility and multi-sequence drills.

Why Soccer?

Developing soccer skills such as dribbling, controlling the ball and kicking will help improve coordination, strengthen the core and increase balance. Children will begin to follow a sequence of exercises and instructions, which will help improve gross motor planning and cognitive recall. Shooting exercises will help develop agility, strengthen muscle groups and build stamina.

Childrens Soccer Benefits

Our Soccer program teaches children the fundamental skills to confidently control a ball, dribble, kick and become aware of the basic rules that govern the sport. Coaches include fun agility courses during shooting exercise to challenge and stimulate their gross motor capacity. Numeracy and colour recognition games are included to work areas of a child’s cognitive development.

“ The Sports Tots program was extremely beneficial for the children as it provided them with the opportunity to be gain exposure to a variety of different sports, while developing on their gross motor skills. We would definetly recommend this program to anyone ”

Adriana, Director (Caring 4 Kids)

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