Sports Tots Hockey

Sports Tots Kids combines the fundamental skills of grass hockey and ice hockey to support many locomotor functions and hand eye coordination. Children will begin to better manage their grip while holding the hockey stick with 2 hands, which will also assist in improving their midline. Hockey skills will help children master this bilateral skill.

Why Hockey?

Increased manipulative skills such as holding a hockey stick, striking and dribbling with hockey puck. Improve hand eye coordination and balancing. Develop gross motor and fine motor functions.

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. Children will learn to use their body strength, build muscle and beomce active team players.

Sports Tots Learning Objectives

Our coaches have professional knowledge of children’s needs in the aspect of interactions between children and building a warm and supportive relationship to make the children feel confident to explore their physical potential within themselves and with their peers. Our experiences within working in the child care industry show that the relationships formed between the coach and the child are safe and secure which can help the child reach their full potential in the areas we teach.

Our program revolves around being part of a team. Children learn to work together to achieve one main outcome. Children learn to applaud their peers on a job well done. 

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